Where to Buy NMN Supplements in Singapore: Local Stores and Brands

Where to Buy NMN Supplements in Singapore: Local Stores and Brands

9th Jul 2024

Where to buy NMN in Singapore?

Are you looking to buy NMN supplements Singapore or interested in Singapore NMN manufacturers to buy locally? This article will go through local Singapore supplement brands as well as where to buy NMN in Singapore, to help you get started in improving your energy levels and health span with this NAD+ precursor.

Where to Buy the Best NMN Supplement Singapore?

Local Singapore Supplement Brands

  • Xandro: Manufactures a 450mg Pure NMN supplement that comes in capsule form, as well as a 30g Pure NMN powder supplement.
  • For Youth: Manufactures a 250mg NMN capsule supplement.
  • Nano Singapore: Manufacture an NMN + Complex supplement that combines 300mg NMN with zinc, TMG and sodium bicarbonate.
  • Invity: Invity NMN Singapore manufactures a 400mg NMN supplement as well as a newer NMNH supplement.
  • Elivity: Manufactures a supplement containing 440mg NMN, along with niacin and nicotinamide.

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  • Robinsons: Sells NMN supplements from Xandro, Cellife and LAC.
  • Lazada: An e-commerce platform originating in Singapore that stocks both local NMN supplement Singapore brands as well as international brands, including Xandro, Aidevi, Doctor’s Best, OMOGS and Double Wood.
  • iHerb: A marketplace that stocks a large range of international brands and NMN manufacturers of different mg, including NMN supplement 500mg, 300mg and 150mg, depending on what you’re after. Brands include California GOLD Nutrition, Doctor’s Best, ProHealth Longevity, Jarrow Formulas, Codeage, Swanson and Ageless Foundation Laboratories.
  • Shopee: A marketplace like the websites above, where brands list their products. You can purchase local NMN Singapore brands here, as well as international ones, including Xandro, Vitanad+, Biofinest and Healthlife.


  • LAC: A health and wellness supplement brand in Singapore and globally. It specialises in nutritional supplements, vitamins and minerals, herbal andother specialty supplements. Stores are located all around Singapore, such as in Republic Plaza, Bugis Junction and United Square. LAC NMN Singapore comes either as softgels or powder.

What to Look for in an NMN Supplement?

  • The Right Dosage: There is no official recommended dose of NMN, but based on research studies, doses from 250mg to 900mg boost NMN and NAD levels, with the optimal dose generally between 500mg–750mg.
  • Purity Level: Look for a purity of more than 98% when searching for an NMN supplement. This should be stated on the label and confirmed with testing (supplied on their website).
  • No Additives: Along with purity, avoid supplements with too many unnecessary additives. The best NMN capsule supplements use natural flow agents like rice flour.
  • Third-Party Testing: Make sure the supplement has undergone independent lab testing for purity, dose and contamination.
  • GMP Certification: Verify that the supplement is made in a GMP-certified facility. The manufacturing facility should have the GMP certificate, not just the brand, which they should provide on their website.
  • Trusted Brand: Make sure to purchase your supplements from reputable brands with plenty of positive reviews.
  • Prices Too Cheap: If a product seems too cheap for the amount of NMN it is claiming to contain, check the ingredients to see if it contains any fillers.

Why You Should Consider Xandro Lab’s NMN

1. Multiple NMN Products: Xandro has both powder and capsule forms of NMN supplements, making it convenient if you prefer to consume your NMN through a capsule or by dissolving the powder into food and liquids.

2. The Right Price: We offer competitive prices by working directly with suppliers, providing top-quality supplements without high costs. This means our supplements are not too expensive, like others in the Singaporean market, such as For Youth, but our supplements aren’t too cheap either, which means quality hasn’t been compromised.

3. Positive Customer Reviews: Our customers are leaving reviews on their experience with taking Xandro Pure NMN. These let us know we’re working in the right direction with our supplements and help inform future customers. Read them here: Pure NMN Capsules and Pure NMN Powder.

4. Third-Party Testing: All Xandro Lab products undergo third-party testing, ensuring strict quality control across our entire range.

5. High Potency, No Fillers: Our supplements contain no unnecessary fillers. Detailed ingredient lists and third-party test results are available on each product page. 

6. Research-Backed: Each supplement is backed by scientific research. We provide comprehensive details of clinical trials and research on our website.

7. GMP Certified: All our products are GMP certified, ensuring rigorous quality control.

8. Individual Ingredient Supplements: Our supplements target specific areas, allowing you to customise your health regimen.

9. 30-day Refund Guarantee: We offer a 30-day refund guarantee to ensure your satisfaction.

10. Our Mission: At Xandro, we have a mission of being an enabler of longevity efforts with high-quality quality sustainably priced products. We also aim to educate our customers and the general public about their health and well-being through our research page and blogs, answering questions and diving into complex topics. Be sure to check them out!

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End Note

Do you research into the manufacturer and be sure to check the ingredients of the NMN product before purchasing. This keeps you informed and confident about what you’re putting into your body! Make sure to do this with all the supplements you take and speak with your doctor before adding supplements to your diet.

You can find Xandro Lab’s Pure NMN Capsules and Pure NMN Powder, as well as our range of supplements in the ‘Supplements’ tab above!