Calcium AKG Longevity Benefits

Calcium AKG Longevity Benefits

6th Apr 2024

What You Need to Know About Taking Ca-AKG for Longevity

Here at Xandro Lab, we’ve gone over calcium AKG as a longevity prevention supplement before (read our summary of Henry Bee’s article here), but in this article, we want to succinctly pull together the science and studies about AKG supplement benefits and how AKG calcium supplements might be something that suits what you’re looking for.

In this article, we’ll go over:

How Does AKG Extend Lifespan?

Does AKG reverse aging?

Alpha-ketoglutarate can help our bodies in numerous ways.

AKG is used in the TCA/Krebs cycle, which is needed for energy production when food is broken down into energy. Basically, if we have more AKG available, we’re able to improve our TCA cycle, helping the processes in our bodies that control our genes and how our cells work, such as preventing DNA errors that could lead to various diseases.

The reason AKG is often talked about as a supplement is that our natural AKG levels decline as we age, which could be linked to aging and health issues.

AKG as a supplement may:

  • Promote healthy bones and reduce the risk of fractures.
  • Promote healthy skin, bones and health as it’s converted into proline and glutamine, two amino acids used in the creation of collagen.
  • Limit liver disease progression.
  • Upkeep our adenosine triphosphate (ATP) levels, which is needed for cell health, our liver, skeletal muscle, heart, brain and adipose tissue.
  • Treat non-alcoholic fatter liver disease.
  • Reduce ammonia levels in patients with liver disease.
  • Act as a neuroprotective agent against brain disorders.
  • Help us maintain a healthy body weight.
  • Prevent muscle deterioration as we age, helping promote physical performance and muscle support after exercise.

So, now you know just some of the anti-aging and longevity benefits of alpha-ketoglutarate, but let’s dive specifically into the benefits of calcium AKG.

Does Calcium AKG Work?

Calcium AKG is simply a chelated (a combined) mixture of alpha-ketoglutarate and calcium, to make it easier to pass through our system.

Ca-AKG has been found to increase lifespan in mice. What’s even more exciting is that even for older individuals given the compound later in life, it was still found to greatly increase their lifespan. It can also boost our AMPK activity. AMPK is an energy sensor that monitors our cell metabolism, while also preventing mTOR, a protein that looks over the growth of our cells.

Calcium AKG benefits may also include activating autophagy, helping maintain cells and improving our health spans by activating longevity genes. Other than this, it possibly has anti-cancer properties and can boost our immune system, mental health and white blood cell count and maintain our bones and muscles.

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What’s also exciting are the impacts of calcium AKG. Unlike other healthy aging solutions, like fasting, drugs and calorie restriction, ca-AKG hasn’t been found to lessen quality of life. It supports our energy levels and immune health, making it a great healthy aging supplement.

One study even found that a compound called Rejuvant® (which contains Ca-AKG and other vitamins) could reduce biological age by 8 years after taking it for 7 months!

A promising human study found that taking oral Ca-AKG supplements increased bone density by 1.6 per cent in postmenopausal women with osteopenia, too!

It’s incredibly exciting to see the potential of calcium AKG, especially since research is now shifting from animal studies to human studies, so stay tuned for more clinical results.

Let’s now go through taking an AKG supplement for anti-aging.

When to Take Ca AKG

While it can be taken with or without food, we’d recommend taking calcium AKG with a meal at midday to help you break it down and prevent any possible stomach upset. Also, take it with water and make sure to keep hydrated throughout the day.

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How to Take Calcium AKG

Always check the manufacturer’s instructions on the bottle of the supplement you’re taking, but for Xandro Lab’s Calcium AKG, take one or two capsules daily. It might be best to start with one capsule and then, in about two weeks, increase it to two once your body gets used to the dosage.

Calcium AKG Side Effects

There are no significant side effects that occur from taking calcium alpha-ketoglutarate. If you do start experiencing side effects, stop taking it immediately and speak with your doctor. Also, don’t take Ca-AKG when pregnant or breastfeeding, and speak with your doctor before taking.

Calcium AKG Dosage

For longevity, the recommended calcium AKG dosage is typically 1,000mg daily, preferably in the morning with or without food. It's advised to start with one capsule and gradually increase to two and although there's no established standard dosage, 300 to 1,000mg daily is generally safe.

End Note

AKG and Calcium-AKG show great promise as a longevity supplement, but more research is still needed to understand the full benefits. Make sure to speak with your medical professional before adding any new supplement to your daily routine, as they can help determine if it’s right for you.

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