Why Take Xandro Lab’s NMN Supplements?

Why Take Xandro Lab’s NMN Supplements?

1st Apr 2024

Xandro Lab NMN Supplement Review

What is NMN?

NMN is a molecule that our bodies make naturally, but that can also be taken as a supplement. It’s currently being looked into as a potential drug due to its promising health benefits in many different areas, such as longevity, brain health, diabetes, exercise training, sleep, heart health and liver health.

What does NMN Stand For? NMN stands for nicotinamide mononucleotide! It’s a molecule known as a nucleotide, which plays various roles within the body, such as being the building blocks of our DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid).

What Does NMN Do?

In the cells of our body, NMN gets converted into a molecule called NAD, or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. Our body needs this as it’s used in metabolism and energy production. Think of it like making a log cabin; NAD is the cabin we use, while NMN is the wood used to build the cabin, and the size of the cabin, or how much NAD in our body, depends on how much wood, NMN, we have available.

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NMN Benefits and What is NMN Good For?

You may not know this but all the cells in our bodies use NAD, meaning we need NMN. NAD, through NMN, helps keep our cells running smoothly, along with helping with DNA repair, gene expression and energy metabolism.

Essentially, NMN is needed to produce enough NAD so that our body can function properly.

The thing is, our NMN levels decline over time, meaning so do our NAD levels, possibly contributing to various health issues related to aging.

Is NMN Safe?

You might have heard people talking about, ‘Why I stopped taking NMN?’, so you might be asking, ‘Is NMN banned?’

As mentioned, due to its potentially powerful benefits, NMN is being looked into as a potential drug for treating various issues. Due to this, the FDA has currently banned the sale of NMN while scientific trials are conducted.

Remember, NMN hasn’t been banned in the US and a few other countries for any safety concerns, only due to wanting to test the molecule as its exciting potential as a drug.

You might question, ‘Does NMN cause cancer?’ No, no study has found that NMN can cause cancer in people. One study in mice found that NMN did not affect tumour size in those with cancer, but bear in mind that cancer is different in everyone who develops it, so any substance needed for normal cell function, like zinc, iron and B vitamins, needs to be carefully considered before being taken. Speak to your doctor before taking supplements.

How much NMN should I take? No major side effects have been reported with taking NMN supplements, but remember, there is still limited data on humans about the ideal dose. Studies have currently found health benefits from doses ranging from 250mg to 1,200mg of NMN per day.

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What is NMN Supplement?

An NMN supplement contains NMN, the needed precursor that helps our bodies make NAD. NMN is the ideal supplement to increase our NAD levels as it's well tolerated and is the closest precursor to NAD.

What this means is that it doesn’t need to be converted into any other molecule before it’s used to make NAD, unlike the case with niacin, which goes through multiple conversions to get to NAD.

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Where Can I Buy NMN?

If you’re looking where to buy NMN supplement, Xandro Lab is a Singapore-based supplement manufacturer, with all supplements made in a GMP-certified facility. Our NMN is independently batch-tested from a reputable third party since we take the quality and purity of our supplements seriously.

Let’s go over what our customers have to say about our NMN supplements!

Xandro Lab NMN Reviews

Pure NMN Powder

Here at Xandro, we’re proud that our NMN supplements are well-loved by our customers. Our Pure NMN Powder 30g has no negative reviews, with people enjoying the energy benefits of the supplement:

Yana: “I’ve been taking it for three days and I feel great! I have a lot of energy and no fatigue.”

Michael: “Since taking these I have generally been feeling better on more consistent basis and energy levels seem pretty good.”

It’s great to see people from different walks of life enjoying the energy boost too!

Erika: Lately, I’ve been on this health journey where I am trying to introduce more supplements into my diet. I was super excited to try this product because my energy is always low (I’m a nanny) and I read that this product gives you natural energy throughout the day. I have deficiently noticed a difference in my energy levels, as well as having more clarity throughout the day. I am thankful that I feel like I can do my job so much better and have the energy to keep up with these kiddos. So glad I found this supplement.”

Jonathan: Since I started taking this product, I noticed a boost in energy in my workouts, going to continue taking this product and encourage others to give it a try.”

Lauren: I’m not a morning person, but since adding this to my routine, my energy levels have shot through the roof. I don’t have anymore midday slumps and don’t find myself reaching for my afternoon coffee pick-me-up. I’m sharper, more focused, and energized throughout the work day.”

We’re happy to hear that we’re pricing our supplements right, allowing individuals to affordably target their health needs through biohacking.

Keith: “Quality product at an affordable price. Thank you.”

Another mentioned:

“Inside have a small scoop. On second bottle now, frankly I feel good no bad. But price is affordable compared to other NMN.”

It’s great to see we’re on track with our Pure NMN Powder!

Pure NMN Capsules

Like our Pure NMN Powder, we’re proud to say that Xandro Lab Pure NMN Capsules have no negative reviews. Let’s see what people have to say!

It seems customers are loving the energy-boosting effects of the capsules:

Vanessa: “This product really helped with feeling run down and low energy.”

Castello: “Feel great after week took this NMN…feel great much more energy on the day, sleep good too.”

Another customer mentioned:

“I’ve noticed a significant improvement in our energy levels. I haven’t experienced any significant side effects.”

NMN shouldn’t give you any major side effects, so it’s great to see that the purity levels in our NMN supplements are showing their benefits!

We’re glad we’ve got our capsule just right, too:

Chuck: “It seems to work for me and doesn’t have any side effects so far. The capsule is very easy to swallow and has no strange taste.”

Cheyanne: “Easy to swallow, priced better than most & hoping to eliminate 20% chance of getting more skin cancers, like my dermatologist recommended!”

As a newer supplement manufacturer, the fact we’re having customers change brands to try out Xandro products is also something we’re incredibly grateful for and lets us know our passion and dedication for creating affordable and targeted health supplements is paying off:

Mark: “I’m on my second bottle and it works as good as the previous brand.”

Catherine: “Good buy to replace my vit b complex supplement.”

Rachel: “Easy to swallow and works like the competition at a better price.”

Reviews are incredibly valuable to businesses, so if you would like to try out any Xandro Lab supplements, please be sure to leave a review to help others make an informed decision before purchasing.

Looking for the best NMN Supplement Singapore and online? Look no further for where to buy NMN! Try out Xandro’s Pure NMN Powder and Pure NMN Capsules today!